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TRC-1 with Handle, Tilt Stand and mounting nuts and bolts

Quantity 2, 24 inch long, 1 inch wide web straps
$59.95+$13.60 Shipping
(for up to 2 TRC-1s)
$4.50 per pair +$7.15 shipping
(FREE shipping when ordered with TRC-1)
TCP-1 Matching steel Top Cover Plate with black powder coat finsh
$14.95+$7.15 shipping
for up to 2 TCP-1s.
(Free shipping with TRC-1)
HTH-1 Matching steel dual purpose front cover/HT holder.
Note: the mounting screws fasten to the PEM nuts in the optional top cover.
$11.95+$7.15 shipping
for up to 2 HTH-1s.
(Free shipping with TRC-1)
-- February 2017 --

New Shipping Rates
Courtesy USPS.

We ship USPS Priority Mail which is 2-3 day delivery after order is shipped.

Most orders are shipped 1-2 business days after the order is received.

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2ea TRC-1s with accessories ship for the price of one USPS Priority Medium Flat Rate box.

    -- NOTICE --
The on-line shipping calculator is inaccurate for orders over $450.00 and for some combinations of accessories.

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